Trashion Fashion

I am so grateful for my team-

Peripeteia Studios

Design Assistant- Erin Kathryn Corrigan

Model- Rebecca Rasmussen

Model- AVR Model- RNR

This weekend I am walking three designs in Trashion Fashion, a huge passion of mine. It’s Trashion Fashion.┬áMy family is large. We are many. We are loving, warm and gregarious. I have learned so much about relationships from growing up in a large family. My parents were home with us every night. The neighborhood was always over swimming in the pool or walking around our middle class homes on Chippens Hill in sporty Bristol, Connecticut.

When you have a large family, you have a lot of waste. My mission with Trashion is to help create awareness. In fact, one of the values I teach to my children is to be aware of their surroundings constantly and to live mindfully. I teach that manners are symbols of respect for other people and that using them shows others you care.

I’ve been working with Trashion Fashion since 2013. I began working with Amy Merli, founder, in 2010. We danced around each other for years, literally, and when she developed the concept for Trashion Fashion. I fell in love with it. I became more aware of what I was creating in terms of waste and every day since that moment, I have become more mindful of all areas of waste in my life and how to reduce it!

Awareness is my mission through Trashion Fashion.


Now, to the good stuff…

Trashion Fashion Show 2016

Hartford City Hall at 1pm.


Trashion Fashion 2015, Hartford
Trashion Fashion 2015, Hartford